Henri's Lepetit


     Around the age of twelve, Henri began to accompany his father on scientific assignments. It was during these early travels, which took them for many years throughout the African continent, the Middle East, and later the entire length of South America, that his father one day asked him to help with illustrations for a project. The natural artistic talent that his father possessed provided the guiding hand during these first steps.                                                    

     Later on for several years, Rhodesia became home. Henri swapped sketch pads and paintbrushes for military hardware as he took part in the last counter-insurgency guerilla movement of its kind by joining an elite unit. He went on contributing illustrations for a book written about the war.   

     It was while sojourning in Provence that Henri’s passion for visual art transformed from a paying hobby into full professional status, when he met his wife, who is an accomplished equestrian. Since that time, he has steadily and successfully built a wide and eager collector base throughout the world.   

The New England coastline fuels Henri’s unabated passion for painting. His bold and gutsy brushstrokes tackle with thick creamy paint the delightful sparkling colors and brightness of light without hesitation. He knows where he is going and how to achieve the end result. Always aware of the privilege to be able to afford contemplating at will the atmosphere of a setting, Henri strives to adapt his palette to ever-arising new challenges.   

     An animal lover owner of horses and dogs he has a talent for capturing them on canvas.    

Member of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County

Member of the Art Society of Old Greenwich 


Art at its best

Henri would love for you to hang one of his original oil paintings on your wall. There are many of his original oil paintings for sale by going to the shop page.